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Um. ~blush~ Yay! Ahem.

Just got an e-mail from nisaba that really made me feel a lot better. She's one of those people who always manages to be able to say the right lovely thing at just the right time, but this is one e-mail I may just print out and stick up by the door to remind me that actually, occasionally I get things right.

When I meet someone for the first time, I always try to be as much myself as I can get away with - and I'm usually a fairly good judge of just how much that is. But sometimes I just have no idea, and it's awfully reassuring to learn that I haven't managed to hopelessly mess things up, for once.

It may have been noted that I'm painfully shy. But sometimes people just happen to me.

Before this musing gets specific and thus makes me want to hide behind something, I shall go and see if there's anything on TV besides Ricky Gervais making me want to strap him into a chair and force him to watch all the Eddie Izzard videos from end to end for all eternity.

But. Yay! And things.


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