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Better now.

Seeing fluffymark was lovely as always - and he gets prettier every time I see him. ~bounce~

sashajwolf and djm4's commitment ceremony was beautiful and moving and I felt very honoured to have been there. Had a wonderful evening being entertained by ajva and Stefan - much thanks is owed to them both for making me feel very included and as though I belonged there. ~love~ And I get to go to the Hallowe'en party at ajva's, so with The Calling and various other things it looks like the next couple of weeks won't be as dead as I'd feared...

Anyway. Marginally less unhappy, and so thrilled for sashajwolf and djm4. I love you both.

And the rest of you, obviously. ~s~

Five fairly random things I have done :

1) Got Terry Pratchett to come to my school
2) Convinced my entire year that I'd given blood to needy vampires
3) Given a solo concert
4) Been round Tesco's on the end of a leash
5) Found Roman pottery on the beach in Essex

And five things I haven't done...yet :

1) Entered a writing competition ( this should change soon )
2) Kissed a certain goth gentleman of my acquaintance ( I keep getting scared at the last minute )
3) Been to Las Vegas ( about the only city outside Britain I really want to visit )
4) Seen any band formed after 1985 perform live ( should happen soon though with any luck ~bounce~ )
5) Met blu_dragonfly ( please visit the UK soon IloveyouIloveyouIloveyou )

So now you know.


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