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"Don't struggle like that, I will only love you more..."

Every time I look up Leaether Strip, I find something else he's done that I *have* to listen to. First the cover of 'Youth', then the remix of 'Are "Friends" Electric?', and now The Cure's 'Lullaby'.
And with the other hand I'm downloading 'Vagabonds' by NMA, because I almost like it. ~s~ Which is frightening.

Got an e-mail from my mum this morning saying "Oh, I forgot - will you sing with me in a concert at the end of November?" The concert in question is also involving my dad and his favourite choir, and is probably for charity since it's at the home of an obscenely rich man mum's done concerts for before. I can't stand him but it sounds like mum's already said yes, and in any case I wouldn't really pass up an opportunity to show off in public...~grin~


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