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Mum gets here this afternoon/evening. Cue arguments, I suspect. I don't really want to know. She knows I've not been happy - we talked last night a little - but the second she knows what happened the other night she'll blame everything on that. And I'll wind up defending my friends, again, and, oh. Grr.

I'm also debating calling off The Calling. It seems very stupid for me to go, this time - like those people in horror films who say "Well, there's something moving about outside our log cabin, we know the woods are haunted by flesh-eating ghosts, but I'll just go and check if it's a deer 'cause I really fancy some fresh venison."

Right, well. I'm now going to cry a lot and watch Popworld and Hollyoaks.

I hate weekends. I despise weekends. Weekends have for months been the time when everyone who's been pretending to like me during the week suddenly has people they actually *want* to see.
Look at me, everyone! I'm the loneliest girl in the world. Heh.


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