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That snake just wouldn't die, would it?

Watched 'Anaconda', partly to see how bad it was (remarkably but not quite phenomenally), partly to see if Jennifer Lopez can act (possibly, given a better script), and partly to keep awake (ta-da!)...
I wouldn't have described it, as Teletext did, as a "horror movie", though. & it contained the least realistic fake snake ever, apart from those rubber glow-in-the-dark ones they sell at Aquarium shops. ~shakes head~ Just, no. 40ft anaconda? Perfectly plausible. 40ft anaconda rising out of the water to the top of a waterfall, and then getting its head shot through, getting set on fire, and still coming back for more? The Rasputin of reptiles. Stretching belief a little.

[ Current Clothes ] Black underwear and a dressing gown. Oh, and a collar.
[ Current Mood ] Amused.
[ Current Music ] 'Beautiful Day', The Levellers. I think it's called that.
[ Current Taste ] Nothing special.
[ Current Make-up ] I think there's some mascara still left...
[ Current Hair ] The usual. Albeit a little tousled and slept-on.
[ Current Annoyance ] The amount of laundry I have to do over the next few days, with my mother here nagging me. Bah.
[ Current Smell ] Vanilla.
[ Current Thing I Ought To Be Doing ] This! No, really.
[ Current Desktop Picture ] I really must get around to changing that...
[ Current Favorite Singer ] I am so fond of Holly Valance at the moment.
[ Current Favorite Group ] Apop. Of course.
[ Current Book ] Dirk Bogarde's autobiography, volume 87 - "In which I am jaded and incredibly unpleasant. Again."
[ Current CDs In CD Player ] 'Anal Cabaret', Leaether Strip.
[ Current DVD In Player ] Er, no.
[ Current Refreshment ] ~sigh~ Nothing. Need coke. Can't be bothered to go out.
[ Current Worry ] kaet, & whether I'm going to have weirded ruis out at all.
[ Current Current ] AC/DC. Well, obviously.


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