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It's alive...

OK, now *that* was odd. ~shakes head~ In Taboo, after all the stuff has happened, Boy George has become famous & gone to prison & everything, he & his ex, the other male lead, sing a duet. They look at each other and they sing their little realisation, "It was all, all about you and me...". This is relevant to the last 24 hours, honest, though I doubt I could explain why. (Incidentally, gods bless this fabulous site. Rah. ~nod~)

Anyway, yes, my journal's in theory back. Don't let this fool you. Things are still horribly messed up and wrong for me. Very much looking forward to escaping up to Cambridge - possibly just for The Calling (~crosses fingers & prays to many gods~ It's possible! It's just possible! Ahem.), possibly for a little longer.
I don't want to ask for help & support or anything because I don't know what would help & several of you *have* given support (for which many, many thanks. I love you all, very much.) So this is me not asking. Right? Help. Right.

Anyway. I'd tell you what's been going on but I'm not sure myself.

1. What's the first thing you remember wanting to be when you grew up? Um, probably a nurse. I had a really odd fascination with illness as a small child.
2. Describe a dream you remember. I was a caterpillar, and there was a really tiny funfair that had been built on the bird table in the garden I lived in...I went there with my friends and we went on the helter-skelter and accidentally shot off the bird table & got eaten. I was six when I had this dream but it stayed with me for some odd reason. ~g~
3. What book are you reading? Part something-or-other of Dirk Bogarde's autobiography. Anything to avoid the Iain [M?] Banks book sitting upstairs waiting for me.
4. What colour are your sheets? White.
5. What song is in your head right now? 'Pie In The Sky' from Taboo.
6. Waitaminnit... Where are you? In the guest bedroom.
7. I am afraid of...: humiliation, failure, spiders, 'Steve'.
8. Your day job/dream job: Melodramatic aesthete & layabout/melodramatic aesthete & layabout with more money.
9. What movie have you seen the most times? The Matrix. Ha! Fooled you.
10. One question for Jesus, or Buddha or Muhammed, etc: Do you know where the door is?
11. The guilty pleasure you'd really rather not admit to here: Watching cookery shows. I bitch about them all the time but find them impossible to turn off.
12. Comfort food of choice: Um, used to be ice cream, which now makes me shudder, so, um. Yeah, probaby chocolate.
13. What's the last video you rented? Not a clue. I don't rent videos.
14. Who do people say you look like? They don't. Which is good. The world doesn't need one of this, let alone two.
15. What's the bane of your existence? It's a who, not a what, and asrana knows who I mean. ~grin~
16. What's the last thing you found on the ground and picked up? I have no idea.
17. A writer worth reading: kaet.
18. Where would you like to grow old? I wouldn't.
19. A word of wisdom: "Love". "In love". There is a difference.
20. The question you get asked ALL THE TIME!!!: "You will be careful, won't you?"
21. When was your last hospital visit? Years ago. I loathe hospitals.
22. The last thing you said out loud: "OK, Mum. Bye."
23. Current clothing: ~s~ Not actually a great deal, TBPH.
24. Your favourite season: Winter.
25. In my last lifetime I was probably... ...miaow?


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