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Meh. Morning.

Well, after having to pull myself together last night, I did manage to get some sleep. And a phonecall from my dear partner in non-stop violence made me feel, if not exactly better, slightly more able to face the world. ~blows kisses~

Currently furious with a dash of cynical, but I'll live, and thanks to the wonderful laws of distance, so will everyone else. ~s~ Can't do any serious damage from all the way down here.

Anyway. Today is sitting around waiting for cleaning lady to show, before possibly trying to write - my dad's been making noises about a women's writing competition he wants me to enter. I know I wouldn't win but I haven't written anything except bad goth poetry in far too long...

I think I shall base it on real recent events in my life, and yes, it will probably get thrown out because it isn't realistic enough...

Also, I want this so, so much. So. Wow.
And. Badges!... ~sigh~ Want.


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