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Stole this story from katyha's journal because I don't believe it & think it's wonderful. Also the photo with the story looks remarkably like the transsexual selling T-shirts & things at Taboo last night.
Also stole this because it struck a chord. Some of you know what a massive phobia I have about kissing, and that's kind of what I mean. Someone asked me recently "Why don't you open your mouth when you kiss?" I found it an utterly bizarre question - still do, thinking about it - and can't imagine why anyone would want to. Because, like food should stay in the fridge, tongues should stay behind teeth. Please. ~shudder~ Ick.
If anyone does have a different opinion on this, and judging from things I've seen a lot of people do, I'd be really interested to know what the heck the attraction is. I've never understood it.

I don't feel any better & bad news comes from all sides. I'm tired and I want to hibernate.


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