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Stuff. And indeed Things.

I Am Not Well. Yesterday (after going to the dentist & dad nearly crashing his car again, but it's not related to the way I feel, honest) mainly involved feeling freezing cold, except my face which was burning up, except my nose which was freezing, and feeling dizzy and as though my entire body was made of plasticine made from lead.
I feel slightly better this morning but I really don't want a cold. ~sigh~

Also, someone cares about me. ~smile~ I don't know what it is about "I saw this and thought of you"-type things that make me so happy, but...they do.

And I think I will be going to the next Calling. I very much want to meet kaet, if feanelwa will be good enough to introduce me.

And now Children's TV is calling, or at least screaming very loudly somewhere near me. My head hurts. Actually everything hurts. But at least when I'm in physical pain, all the emotional pain seems to hibernate, or something.

~falls over~ Ouch.

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