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Another quiz! Thankyou, chiriko!

1.) Name : Emily Woolf
2.) Screen Name : Kheldara or DurAnorak.
3.) Location : School, at the minute.
4.) Birthdate : June 19th 1984.
5.) School : Roedean
6.) Height : 6'
7.) Eye Color : Blue/grey/green.
8.) Hair Color : Dark blonde.
9.) In Your Free Time : I could just have quoted chiriko here, but - reading, writing, listening, singing, dancing, talking, laughing, crying.

10.) Favorite Book : Emphatically NOT the one I'm reading at the moment. Probably actually various of the Discworlds.
11.) Favorite Gum : Apple-flavoured bubblegum.
12.) Favorite Candy : Reese's cups! And Lindt D'or, but I feel bad describing those as "candy".
13.) Favorite Car : Jags and Porsches and that wonderful one asrana doesn't remember. ~s~
14.) Favorite TV Show : ~wide eyes~ I always forget Whose Line! (Tony Slattery...mmmmh....) And TOTP2 and Never Mind The Buzzcocks and A Question Of Pop.
15.) Favorite Clothing to Wear to School : Anything that fits. ~sigh~
16.) Favorite Color : Black, purple, electric blue.
17.) Favorite Computer Font : TNR, Comic Sans MS, Burton's Nightmare and that long-term darling Lucida Blackletter.
18.) Favorite Conversation Topic : Music. Music. Music. Slash. Music. Music slash. Music.
19.) Favorite Flavor of Ice Cream : Ben & Jerry's could make anything taste good.
20.) Favorite Food : Whatever. So long as it's not particularly good for me. ~g~
21.) Favorite Guy's Name : Sebastian, Sascha, Vyvyan, Ben, Fenton.
22.) Favorite Girl's Name : Bethany, Rhiannon, Roane, Sarah.
23.) Favorite Holiday : Hallowe'en.
24.) Favorite Inside Joke : Currently, "Nick in leather trousers!" Oh, and "BUTTOCKS!" comes a close second right now.
25.) Favorite Magazine : Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire, NME, Q, whatever. If it's got pretty dresses or pretty boys in and I can cut it up and stick it on my wall...
26.) Favorite Movie : Velvet Goldmine, Labyrinth, Hedwig....yadda yadda.
27.) Favorite Music Group : DURAN DURAN! To a lesser degree, Erasure, Spandau, Ultravox & John Foxx, Gary Numan, Visage, The Human League, Culture Club, ABC, Altered Images, The Associates, Blancmange.....~stops self~
28.) Favorite Piece of Clothing : My black skirt, and this skirt that I'm wearing today - black and red and great - and my mum's red velour top with feathers, and my black shirt that screams goth, and my t-shirt that was worn by Simon Le Bon I thank you very much....tee hee.
29.) Favorite Piece of Jewelry: My charm bracelet, my mirror necklace that Tash gave me, and all my earrings. I love earrings.
30.) Favorite Place to Eat : The Thai Elephant Two.
31.) Favorite Quote #1 : "Did nobody warn you, boy? Love's in vogue again..." -Japan, In Vogue
32.) Favorite Quote #2 : Right this minute it's probably "You could look like a courgette and I'd still love you. And I really don't like courgettes." You know who you are. ~ggls~ But my favourite quotes change all the time.
33.) Favorite Season : Winter?
34.) Favorite Shampoo/Conditioner : Nicky Clarke! (I know, it's just 'cause he's called Nicky.)
35.) Favorite Smiley Face : :-D
36.) Favorite Soda : ...? Coke?
37.) Favorite Song: I have so many. I think it would be safe to say my favourite now-songs that I like now are "(I'm A) Slave 4 U" by Britney Spears, "In The End" by Linkin Park, "Flawless" by The Ones, "Naïve Song" by Mirwais and "The Space Between" by The Dave Matthews Band. But that's just now-songs.
38.) Favorite Sport: Netball.
39.) Favorite Store : Anywhere they sell music. And especially any secondhand record shop.
40.) Favorite Summer Activity : Staying indoors and letting everybody else turn themselves into bacon.
41.) Favorite Toothpaste : Macleans! LOL My MAN! ROFLMAO
42.) Favorite Winter Activity : Laughing at all the people who are cold. And eating nanna's apple pies. ~hugs self~
43.) Favorite Word : Oh, eek. FAR too many to list. At random, "ethereal", "cynical", "sparkle", "shiver", "whisper", "star", "wazack" ~ggls~, "icicle", "wistful"....far far far too many to list. "glitter". "shimmer". "electric". Meh.
44.) Favorite Vacation Spot : Chicago!

45.) Absolute Best Friends of Same Sex : asrana, Tash, Tasha, Hannah, Ritchie, Val.
46.) Absolute Best Friends of Opposite Sex : Just him at the minute. ~s~
47.) Absolute Best Quality in a Friend : Definitely the ability to make me laugh.
48.) Absolute Crush : Ehh...let's say Nick. Because he's god and...he's...god. ~ggls~
49.) Absolute Person Who Knows Almost Everything About You : Has to be Tash. I think she knows more than even asrana.

50.) Best Advice Ever Given to You : "Life owes you fuck all." I don't always remember it, but it's the best advice I've ever *heard*. So thank you, Rebecca.
51.) Biggest Fear : Humiliation.
52.) Dumbest Thing You've Done : Ehh....there are many.
53.) Funniest or Most Desperate Thing You've Done to Get the Attention of Someone of the Opposite Sex : Given her flowers? Sent *her* a letter? Um...got a friend to ask him to get Y!M just so I could talk to him even though he had no clue who I was? ~ggls~ One of these three worked, too.
54.) Funniest Person You Know : All my friends are funny, or they wouldn't be my friends.
55.) Fondest Memory of You and Your Friends : Hallowe'en at Tash's, or asrana coming down and me being Nick and John and stuff, or...whatever.
56.) Nastiest Person You Know : Currently goes without saying.
57.) Silliest Thing You've Said : I don't know, but "Ert and Bernie" still cracks my mum up. ~g~ I've no idea.
58.) Scariest Thing That's Ever Happened While With Friends : Nothing scary happens to me. Getting locked in Asda. ~ggls~ 'Cause there was a bomb threat. I told you that, right?
59.) Weirdest Food You Like : Powdered tomato-and-crouton soup? Maybe?

60.) Last Book You Read By Choice : "Letters From Beyond The Grave" by Someone Who Thinks They Can Write Spooky Stories For Kids But Actually Can't. I knew it would crack me up and - guess what - it did!
61.) Last Food You Ate : Crab sticks! Yay!
62.) Last Movie You Saw : Oh, some I-see-dead-people pile of rubbish on Sky on Friday night. Hopeless.
63.) Last Phone Number You Called : asrana's.
64.) Last Show You Watched on TV : Bits of EastE while I fiddled with videos.
65.) Last Time You Kissed Someone : Today. I always kiss Ritchie. ~s~
66.) Last Time You Showered : This morning.
67.) Last Time You Thought About Someone You love : Given that he's come up in this quiz a few times....
68.) Last Words You Heard : "Emily....hello." Not very interesting, but true.
69.) Last Words You Said : "Courtney Taylor hates me! I'm off to find Chester." (I only waved back to the above greeting...)

70.) Things You Like in the Opposite Sex : Um. Sense of humour is right up there. So is *height*. (I hate it when guys are shorter than me, it makes me feel weird.) And then there's that....that....whatever-it-is that some guys have that just makes you want to...~sigh~...and they make you feel safe. (Oops, did I just describe James? I THINK SO. ((To borrow from Chiriko.)) Then again, I described someone else too, so...~g~)
71.) Things You Hate About the Opposite Sex : LOL Not enough of them are gay/pretty/amenable to wearing makeup. They have a thing about legs. Why? What the heck is so interesting about legs???
72.) Thing You Want to Be Doing Right Now : This, and talking to Tasha, and watching music TV.
73.) Thing You Get Picked On Most About : Untidiness, disorganisedity (not a word), being the School Lesbian (congratulate me!).
74.) Thing You Most Regret : Ai...writing that fscking letter.
75.) Thing You Say Way Too Much : At the moment? "To be honest".
76.) Thing You Want to Be Remembered For : Everything, darling.
77.) One Thing You Wish You Could Tell the Whole World : "I love Nick Rhodes. And Nick Rhodes loves John Taylor."
78.) One Thing You Hope You Do Before You Die : Meet Duran. It would mean the universe to me.
79.) Most Romantic Thing Someone Has Ever Done For You : ~shakes head~ No-one's ever *done* anything romantic. People say things though. ~s~

80.) Do You Have a Boyfriend or a Girlfriend? : No. ~sigh~
81.) Color Your Bedroom : White with the tiniest shade of blue.
82.) Color Socks You're Wearing : Black tights.
83.) Here's the Scenario --> You Curled Up With Someone Watching a Movie. Who is That Person? : No, I'm not. But I'm probably Nick, and so it's John.
84.) If a Movie Was Made About Your Life, What Would It Be Named? : Tee hee..."Villains In Vogue", like my future band's future second album that'll never get made.
85.) Link to Your Favorite Website : Well, you're at one of them. Also : http://www.duranduran.com and http://there.indyramp.com and http://boymeetsboy.keenspace.com and http://www.postalnauts.com (even though he hasn't tweaked it for a bit) and http://www.inthe80s.com and its friendly local add-on site http://www.amiright.com - lots of very amusing thynges to be found therein.
86.) Number of Pairs of Shoes You Own : Like, three?
87.) One Place You Want to Go Before You Die : Somewhere - anywhere - where Duran are. Preferably a Duran concert with them all there. ~gets hit by the sheer incredible wonder of it all over again and bursts into tears - yes, really~ Oh....
89.) Person You Got This From : This young lady here.
90.) Size of Your Bed : Big enough for John and Nick to snuggle in. ~s~
91.) Time and Date : 7:35pm, 8th October 2001
92.) What Did You Do or What Are Your Plans for Today? : I did school things and, er, stared in a dazed fashion at Britney's new video. Whosirmesirnosirneversir.
93.) What Do You Wanna Be When You Grow Up? : Music journalist, baby! Or go the way of the great Neil Tennant, who started out a music writer, rose to become editor of Smash Hits (I think he became editor, not sure) and *then* went on to storm the world as half of the Pet Shop Boys. Pop stardom. Yes. Please.
94.) Where is the Computer? : In the Computer Room.
95.) What Kind of Chewing Gum are You Most Likely to be Chewing When You're in Somewhere? : In "Somewhere"? Ehh...anything but the ones my mum has. Eww.
96.) Your Theme Songs : "Astradyne". I'll also go for "Plaza" by John Foxx, "Strange Little Girl" by The Stranglers and "Fame" - either the Duran or the Bowie version. Darling.
97.) Are You Glad That This is Over? : Not really. I could use another one.


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