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Hey, I didn't do this one!

Seven things that scare you.
1) Spiders
2) Humiliation
3) The thought of being stabbed from behind
4) Sudden loud noises
5) Dad's temper and, for that matter, mine
6) The thought of hurting someone - anyone
7) Hospitals

Seven things you love (in no order)
1) Music
2) Books
3) Glitter
4) Men in makeup
5) My friends
6) Being asked questions
7) Going to the theatre

Seven things you hate
1) Spiders
2) Myself
3) People I love having been hurt in the past when I couldn't do anything about it
4) Failing & disappointing people
5) Being treated like the class freak
6) Courgettes, aubergines and avocado
7) People telling me that even though I say I don't want to get married/have children/have sex, I will do these things.

Seven things in your room
1) Clothes
2) Posters that are never going to get put up
3) A suitcase that's never going to get emptied
4) Books
5) Memories I'd rather not have there
6) A copy of the Kama Sutra stuck so far under the bed I can't reach it
7) Carpet, presumably.

Seven things to do before death
1) Meet Duran
2) Release a single, preferably a cover of an obscure 80s song or two.
3) Talk to kaet
4) Talk to 'Steve'
5) Go back to Chicago for Hallowe'en
6) Actually dance at The Calling
7) Tell everyone exactly how much and in exactly what way(s) I love them. Heigh ho. I think I'll be doing that just before I die...

Seven things you can do
1) Sing
2) Dance, though you wouldn't believe it
3) Spin & weave
4) Speak fluent French & understand German & much Italian
5) Get pretty much anyone to tell me pretty much anything
6) Love deeper than you would believe
7) Interesting things to people's backs. ~grin~

Seven things you can't do
1) Play any musical instrument well
2) Anything vaguely arty
3) Speak fluent German
4) Run
5) Walk up to people and introduce myself
6) Tell you all why I currently hurt so much
7) Kill myself

Seven things that attract you to the opposite sex
1) Men. In makeup. Enough said.
2) Insecurity in the face of their own very obvious physical beauty
3) Long hair
4) An ability to make me feel safe
5) Apparently, their being total utter bastards really does it for me. ~sigh~
6) An ability to scare me absolutely silly
7) The way some of them dance

Seven things that attract you to the same sex.
1) Being Gemma
2) Being Rachel
3) Being Hannah
4) Being Laura
5) Being Jo
6) Being Karen
7) Being Emma
...etc. I say this because I don't have a 'type' when it comes to women, I just...fall for random specific individuals. ~shrug~

Top seven movies (in no order)
1) ...eh, you all know all these.

Top seven things you say most
1) Bless...
2) Meh.
3) Ooh, cute!
4) Sparkly!
5) ANYway...
6) Bah.
7) I love you.

3 years ago I....
1) Had just started Upper 5th
2) Had lost my best friend
3) And most of my other friends
4) Was struggling to get over Dominic
5) Would almost never have to do games again!
6) Actually still wanted to go to university.
7) Was obsessed with Hannah.

2 years ago I...
1) Had just started sixth form
2) Was still obsessed with Hannah and there was much angst
3) Wrote extra prep for Philosophy because I didn't agree with what the teacher said
4) Was actually friends with Gemma! Gasp!
5) Was given up on by my parents.
6) Really started to talk to asrana
7) Met amitriptyline and was introduced to Really Bad Music. ~g~

1 year ago I...
1) Had just started sexond year of sixth form
2) Was doing everything in my power to catch nightshade
3) Had a best friend in love with me, but not the one I wanted
4) Angsted over Gemma in a very big way
5) Quit Philosophy before I was kicked out - by five seconds or so.
6) Was starting to lose the happiness I'd had the previous year
7) Discovered Rufus Wainwright

Yesterday I
1) Slept
2) Wandered around the house in a dressing gown
3) Watched TV
4) Posted too much on LJ
5) Marvelled at kaet
6) Talked to asrana and aegidian
7) Listened to music.

today I
1) ...did exactly the same.

5 things I would buy with 100,000 pounds
1) Records!
2) CDs!
3) Videos!
4) Fantastic clothes
5) Pretty sparkly jewellery

So now you know.


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