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See? Why do I ever say anything on LJ? Ever? Do I, or do I not, know without doubt or question that saying anything remotely complimentary about a person or even simply their journal will result in my being treated like a complete freak by people who previously appeared to think I was sane. (I know this is an overreaction, but I feel humiliated and that prompts the worst of my reactions.)

Ach. From now on my journal entries will read "I hate evry1, ESSPECIALY MY PARENTZ", I will start listening to Spunge and KoRn, and I will never ever again mention finding anyone or indeed merely anyone's journal intelligent, beautiful, sweet, lovely, captivating, powerful, or any adjective which could be considered positive and could be used by anyone with an IQ above zero.


Yes, I should sit over here and whine and never mention the people who occasionally make my world bearable to open my eyes in, because obviously, if I show even a tiny bit of appreciation for someone, or even just their writing, I'm clearly insane and must be humoured as if I'd just suggested that Jeffrey Archer be allowed out of prison to tapdance across the Millennium Bridge. Right? Right. Jesus, I am so glad we got that clear.


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