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Random surveyage.

Name four bad habits you have
1. Telling people how I honestly feel about them.
2. Doing LJ surveys.
3. Throwing myself at anyone who shows the least bit of interest in me.
4. Stalking.

Name four scents you love
1. Cerruti 1881
2. Vanilla
3. Melting butter
4. nisaba's cigarettes

Name four things you'd never wear
1. Anything yellow.
2. Anything with an obvious designer label. Preferably also anything with a not-obvious designer label.
3. An entirely purple velvet cassock type thing. ~shudder~ They had one last time I went to Black Rose, and it was truly hideous.
4. Orange trousers. ~grin~

Name four animals you like
1. Cats
2. Snakes (I want a snake so much!)
3. Killer whales
4. Poison dart frogs

Name four television shows you love
1. My Family (the show with the best script of anything, ever)
2. Have I Got News For You
3. Never Mind The Buzzcocks
4. TOTP2

Name four bands/artists most people don't know you like
1. Savage Garden
2. Red Hot Chilli Peppers
3. The Moody Blues
4. Celine Dion
I didn't really just admit that, did I? Ick.

Name four drinks you regularly drink
1. Coke
2. More coke
3. Even more coke
4. Ribena

Name four random facts about yourself
1. I went to the Children's Conference on the Environment in 1995 and had my name in the local papers and everything.
2. I have a certificate in French language business IT, or something equally incomprehensible and useless.
3. Anyone with the name Tom or Ben is immediately bad news for me.
4. The happiest moments of my life have all been at around 4 in the morning.

Name four random facts about your family
1. My dad doesn't have many famous fans, but one of them is Tom Robinson.
2. My half-brother Padmavyuha (formerly Gideon Wolf, formerly Gideon Spoonbill) doesn't believe in bisexuality.
3. My cousin Roger got thrown out of a family party recently for telling his sister she looked like a golden retriever.
4. My parents got married on my grandmother's birthday, without telling her.

Have you ever
1. Fallen for your best friend? Yes.
2. Made out with JUST a friend? ~sigh~ Too many times now.
3. Been rejected? Always.
4. Been in love? Oh, goodness yes.

Who was the last person
1. You talked to? aegidian in truth, though I've been murmuring endearments at elseone this morning, but only through the computer screen. ~g~
2. You instant messaged? Oh gods, I can't remember, haven't used it for ages.
3. You had a crush on? olithered.
4. Who broke your heart? Yet another Ben.

Do you
1. Colour your hair? No.
2. Have tattoos? Alas, no.
3. Have piercings? Just my ears and no more ever ever ever ever ever.
4. Have a girlfriend/boyfriend? No.
5. Own a webcam? No.
6. Like it hard, kinky, or passionate? ~laughs~ The "it" that you mean? Not even going there.

Are you
1. Shy? Terribly.
2. Quiet? Sometimes.
3. Boring? You see the evidence for yourself m'dears...


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