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And in other news...

...for that was full of melodrama and shall therefore be consigned to "posts that needed to be made but should never have happened"...

It's Thursday! Yay! Today's lyrics are here - yes, really. I don't care. ~g~
And in theory I'm seeing pringle tonight and am thus very happy indeed.

~helpless giggles~ I was looking up something on Google and came across this wonderful snippet of a story summary...
...which is about Devi finding a connection between Johnny and Jack the Ripper ... of
course she had taken up the name ~Miriah~of~the~Wind~...

Well, of course. Damn, I'm amused.

Oh, and while I'm here, there's also this.

One day I'll explain the origin of all this recent Ripper-related business, but not just yet, I think.


"Has Jack the Ripper come to Las Vegas?"
Actually, I think that's rather unlikely. But y'know, it's your fanfic, you do what you like...

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