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Oh, I do like him.

Later : It's just occurred to me that it sounds like I'm talking about Steve again. I'm not though - I'm talking about someone else entirely...though it's also someone I've seen but not met.

At some point I'm actually going to have to meet the guy, but for now I'll settle for pretty photographs and pretty memories and sitting here going "wow", as usual.

My brain hurts from how great he is. ~shakes head~

Oh dear. I think this means I have to go back to Cambridge again at some point. ~sigh~ Darn. And I thought I'd got clear of the place...

One of these days I'll actually make sense, I promise, but someone with a LiveJournal like this gentleman's just makes me incoherent and awed.

Damn my blasted obsessive personality. ~flicks through said journal~ ~helplesskittengiggles~ Damn it! I have got to talk to him...one of these days...


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