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WooHoo! More music!

In amongst the other things I wanted to say the other day was this :

Another song I'd be hopelessly grateful to receive is the extraordinary "Flawless" by The Ones (nice, modest name there, guys). I've seen the video five times now, and every time it leaves me sitting staring at the screen going "What was that??" Essentially it's an 80s-based disco-type song, and the video is almost a half-and-half split between the 80s and the 90s, but half the clothes are really 70s. It's WEIRD! And COOL! And sure, the song is rubbish, but *good* rubbish. (Um.) And....and I love it. And the band members are a cool black dude, a cool dude from somewhere else, and...what looks to be an Italian guy in partial drag.
Tee hee.

In the words of Oberon : Music, ho! Music, such as charmeth sheep!


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