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Surveyage while I wait...

believe in astrology: No, though if I'm in a particularly tricky situation I'll read my stars in the paper or a magazine just to see if it can offer a fresh perspective.
believe in magic: Yes, absolutely. England is full of magic. There was random magic working in Soho today. And god knows there was magic last night.
pray: Sometimes, when I'm really frightened or desperate or both.
go to church: Never.
have any secrets: Things that are 'secrets' from some people I will happily tell to others. I have secrets that are other people's, that I keep safe, but I can't think of any of my own.
have any pets: No.
go to or plan to go to college: Music college, yes. I hope.
have a degree: Not yet.
talk to strangers who instant message you: Rarely, since the guy who thought my picture of Boy George was a picture of me. ~shakes head~
wear hats: Rarely.
have any piercings: Just my ears, once.
have any tattoos: Not yet.
hate yourself: Yes, always.
wish on stars: I used to, but it doesn't work. I did however blow a kiss to a star last night, knowing that it was looking down on people I'd very much like to have given kisses to. I hope it passed it on.
like your handwriting: Yes, sort of. Most other people don't though.
believe in witches: Yes.
believe in Satan: As another name of the angel Lucifer, yes.
believe in ghosts: Yes.
trust others easily: Hideously so. It gets me in all sorts of trouble. ~sigh~ Men.
like sarcasm: I adore it.
take walks in the rain: Yes. I love the rain.
kiss with your eyes closed: No, & thus tend to end up in situations reminscent of the cover of The Stereophonics' 'Performance & Cocktails'.
sing in the shower: Yes, and everywhere else as well, particuarly in restaurants.


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