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Unlikely bisexuals. And Teletubbies.

I've just realised that two people I've met recently (ish) who are cheerfully bisexual (at least in that they're attracted to both men & women; I'm not sure about relationships & things) are both people whom I immediately assumed were straight.
I thought they were straight and I still liked them. Impressive. ~g~ But anyway.
For whatever reason, the thought of either of them being bi makes my brain hurt. It just doesn't seem to compute.
& yet I know it's true.
I don't understand this.

Ah well. Accidentally flicked onto the Teletubbies a while ago and saw Tinky Winky drop his handbag in a pond, where it not only floated but sailed round and round very fast indeed. ("If we drop mummy's handbag in the river it'll float and make pretty patterns!")
He then wanted to do a 'floaty dance' like his handbag, so the magic gods of Teletubby-land granted him a large pink tutu.

~shakes head~ He's as unlikely a bisexual as these two guys. And for many of the same reasons.

I mean, obviously there are going to be people I've assumed were bi who are in fact straight (or just in massive denial ~sigh~), but...it doesn't often happen this way round.

And, eep, tonight. Eep. ~frightenedshykitten~


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