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...killed on Diablo, that is. Oh, thank you, aegidian! Monsters that lie! I'm in heaven!

1. If you had been born a member of the opposite sex, what would your name have been? Leonard, afaik.
2. Would you name a child of yours after yourself? Heck, no, I hate my name.
3. If you would switch names with one of your friends whose would it be? My female friends...hmm...only Diana springs to mind. I'm not a fan of many female names & don't have any friends called Rhiannon. Male friends...hmm. Just looking through my friends list, the real names of kitty_goth, lilithmagna & sweetprince would all be good to have...
4. What's one thing about you that makes you unique? Probably my taste in and knowledge of music, collectively. Not sure though.
5. Do you have glasses? No.
6: What piercings or tattoos do you have? Just my ears pierced (and nothing else again ever ever evereverever) and no tattoos as yet.
7. What school do you go to? None, any more.
8. Do you have braces? No.
9. Do you have a tan? Not right now. I tan very slowly & anyway try to avoid sunlight.
10. Is it easy is it to make you laugh? Oh, goodness yes.
11. When eating something are you more concerned with taste or nutrition? Taste. Obviously.
12: Do you ever feel guilty after eating meat? Not at all.
13. What do you love most about the other sex? Their ability to look fantastic in makeup, their strength & ability to make me feel safe, & they have better hair than women, too.
14. What do you dislike most about the other sex? That they all, without exception, lie, often and unthinkingly, and they do not realise when they've hurt you, and when you tell them they've hurt you, they can't understand why.

~brief pause while duranorak gets a text message & dies~

15. What do you understand least about the other sex? Why they can't understand when & why they're hurting you.
16. If you could be cloned would you be? No.
17. Who has had the most influence on you? Probably Boy George, actually, and neotokyo, and ciphergoth, and maybe Dominic.
18. Have you ever dyed your hair? No.
19. Do you believe in monsters? Yes.
20. Is your room clean right now? Surprisingly so, except for the clothes everywhere. ~s~ What am I going to wear, anyway?
21. Do you eat breakfast? Sometimes.
22. Are you afraid of the dark? No, just the things that might be hiding in it.
23. Do you have stuffed animals? One or two.
24. Ever broken a bone? No, I'm waiting for someone who'll do it for me.
25. Are your friends insane? Er, one or two of them, yes, but not in the "You don't have to be mad to work here..." way that you mean.
26. Have you ever played truth or dare? Rarely, because I always always always choose truth and I refuse to ask anyone anything. ~g~
27. Are you afraid of clowns? Yes. Very. ~shudders & then bursts into giggles~ aegidian, you are a bad bad man.
28. Have you ever had surgery? Not that I know of, though they did something to my eye once, but I never found out what.
29. Have you ever played hard to get? ~laughs~ Never. I run at anyone who expresses the least interest in me. I hope to be able to stop doing this soon.
30. Do you actually know your Social Security number by heart? I didn't know I had one.
31. Describe your life? Currently resembles a manuscript that Mills & Boon refused to publish because it was too unlikely.


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