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Um, I'm calmer now. ~smile~ Honest.

Today was...good. ~smile~ After having A Talk with my parents (which produced some horrific insults about my friends from my mum, but I'm getting used to that) I went out to meet fluffymark (who looked stunning - again) for gossip & as it turned out, light shopping.
fluffymark knows I love him but I figured I'd say it again anyway, because today would have been just another mopey day without him and he always cheers me up. So Mark, I love you. ~smile~
Bought a couple of badges and found Joy Division's greatest hits in MVE in Soho - bounce! Was just listening to 'Transmission', which is still in my head & not going well with the Tony Benett my mum's got playing...

Got very tired so headed home slightly earlier than I'd planned, but hey. Killed many monsters - aegidian, you are wicked and evil buying me things like this - and barely spoke to mother. Sent amused text messages to pringle, as per.
Oh yes, and got back here and read my Friends page and *squeaked*. A lot. And rang up wildeabandon. And am going to The Calling. But you knew that.

And now I'm very very very tired (from all the squeaking and bouncing, no doubt) so I'm going to bed.

I miss you all, y'know. ~smallkittensigh~


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