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Apparently another of my reasons for going ahead with going to Whitby this November isn't going to be there. Bother. Bother, bother, bother. (Serves me right for only just checking his journal, I suppose. I am a failed stalker. Bah.)
Later : ~stares~ OK, no. I'm a *very* failed stalker.
~jumps up and down~ DAMN it when am I going to get to see you two in the same room? ~deepsigh~

There's a massive lack of point in my going. It's going to be painful, messy, much of the point in my going was people who aren't actually going to be there, and I just know I'll spend all the days sitting in a corner in tears wondering why I bothered. Meanwhile my mum's having puppies about my going anyway ("But you don't need to spend a whole week with all those...er, people!") and and and...sigh.

I am miserable and lonely and bored out of my mind. Bah.
Incidentally, a very small part of the world is probably ending tonight. I hope someone who's going to be there to see it has the sense to try to prevent it.

Today spent bored and lonely at home is still probably an improvement on what today *would* have been like, but nevertheless, it's not ideal. ~sigh, shrug~

Meh. All my reasons to stay awake are either in different countries or about to be there - with the exception of one who we think is permanently in another *universe*.

Peace out. ~sigh~


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