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Since I'm here anyway...

(yes, I know. It's an addiction, ok?)

But, I mean, what?
fanfiction.net does not in any way host the world's best stories. But it hosts a lot of them, and ones I like. It's got a big notice on it today saying, among other things,
The following sections of FanFiction.Net will no longer be continued. ...

*NC-17 based entries will no longer be accepted. Though they are very small portion of the site the adult stories have generated almost all of the complaints filed on record in the past year. Moreover, the highest concentration of them are growing in areas with subjects targeted to younger readers and with increasingly controversial subject matters. However, not all NC-17 based stories fall into the description but as result of their increasing volume a decision has been made to resolve this problem. Innocent writers will be affected but this has to be done considering the non-filtering scheme of the site.

*Many months ago FanFiction.Net introduced a form of ban for real-person based stories (RPS): actor fiction. After evaluating that ban and receiving many responses as a result of that ruling, it has been decided that we need to extend the rule to all real-person stories to keep it consistent. The affected categories are:
--All Music Groups
--Misc >> Sports
--TV Shows >> Big Brother, Survivor, Who's Line is it anyway?

This upsets me for several reasons, not least that it means that some of my favourite stories are going - Holden Le Vicieu's fabulous Manics slash in particular. (They can still in theory be found here, and they rock like nothing else on earth, especially Three Years, but I can't make the links work. If you can, please e-mail me the text versions of the stories...~sigh~)

The grammar in the above text (and it's only a part of what's up there) ought to have generated more complaints than all the NC-17 stories put together, for a start. "Who's Line", for heaven's sake. I think it goes against ff.net's code of practice to get anything proofread, but for official announcements they could at least try.

By "targeted to younger readers" I assume they mean in sections such as Harry Potter; if so, I can't quite work out where they've been for the past two years. If people are writing NC-17 Bob The Builder fanfic, well, ok then.

The RPS affair is extremely subjective, but I've never been able to understand why anyone would have a problem with it. ~sigh~ And I'm annoyed that so many of my favourite stories will go because of it.

Yes, for I am hopeless at staying away from LJ. I'm sorry. ~g~


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