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"Open out your arms and breathe..."

aegidian has managed to make things good for the past couple of days, but mum comes back tomorrow and I know more general Bad Things are happening later in the week, and honestly, I probably can't actually deal with that and LJ at the same time. So I'm doing the usual and I'll be taking a break from LJ.
I usually say I won't be posting but I'll be reading friends' posts and things, but this time I can't, and I'm sorry. If anything truly sensational happens I trust someone to let me know via e-mail (which I will be checking) or text message.
And if anyone actually needs my help with anything at all, which I know is unlikely but just in case, my phone *is* always on and. ~sigh~
[disillusionedkitten] When I say I'll be here for anyone any time at all, I really mean it. Call me up at two in the morning if that's when you need me. I'll be there. [/disillusionedkitten]

Oh, and I watched the first Star Wars, finally.

Ciao, all. I think I'll see some of you soonish. ~waves~

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