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Well, I was having quite a good evening until I came out of the tube station at Elephant & Castle and was accosted by a drunken Glaswegian...
I get accosted by drunken men from time to time - god knows it's the only time I get any attention ~g~ - and they most often notice my hair, there being rather a lot of it. My hair was what this one went for too, but my being six foot tall and the size of a cow usually makes them just wander off after a minute or so. Not here though - because this guy was a good six inches taller than me, the size of a fucking house, and had discovered I had this handy little black handle round my neck. In short, he grabbed me by my collar and tried to drag me off. At which point the station security ran over and pulled him away from me & I left quietly by the side door.

I'm fine, just a little taken aback. But nevertheless, eep. Lots of eep.


Incidentally, today's lyrics, because this song was playing in a shop this morning and has been going round and round and round my head like...like something really annoying...are here. I really can't stand the song but I'm too shaken up to come up with anything else, and it was in my head all day. Sigh.

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