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~frown~ Random musing, don't mind me.

If you know that someone once did something that someone you love liked, and you do the same thing, will it be seen as some form of plagiarism?
Will they immediately remember the person before doing it, and therefore what you do won't mean anything?
Would it just not mean as much anyway because it wasn't an original idea?
I like to watch what others do and to take my inspiration from them...
...ah. Perhaps I've already taken my inspiration from this, when I wasn't thinking about it.
Still though.
I take from people's writing styles and from their accents when they speak. Perhaps I should know to leave it at that and not try to copy their actions.
If I'd done it before, x person wouldn't have recognised the gesture - god knows they don't often find time to look beyond their own nose. If I do it now, x person will recognise it.
God knows how they'd see it; I certainly don't.
Well, it'll be a long time before I end up back at that train station anyway.
She said, having just reread the entry in question. Why did I just reread it? Why? ~sigh~
It made me cry at the time and it's made me cry now. For much the same reasons, if now it happens to be more personal.
Hmm. ~smile~ I'm so into the way people's minds work - mine included.
This makes me think there's a certain someone I really need to get to know better. But that's another story...

Gosh, it ain't half odd the things that scare other people half to death that I have absolutely no problem doing, while things that to other people are as natural as breathing I wouldn't do if you paid me, well, two thousand pounds for a start. ~grin~

In other news, looking through people's LJ Memories is always just so enlightening. ~s~ It's not saved in your Memories even though it was quite an Event, and yet it's been saved in mine for months even though I've hardly known you?

...and aegidian has just turned up with a copy of Steve Strange's autobiography for me. Meep. I love my friends.

Cambridge Cambridge Cambridge BOUNCE!


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