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So much going on. Too much going on.

I will be glad to get elsewhere for the evening, away from London which is full of people I want to say ill-advised things to. The only ill-advised things I want to say to people in Cambridge would be laughed off, I'm sure. ~weak grin~
Wednesday night looks to be a Good Thing as well. At least I should get to relax. ~laughs~

Hmm. I've been waiting for an LJ post which turned up this morning, and I was genuinely surprised by how much it didn't hurt.
Go me. ~s~

aegidian last night expressed appreciation of the fact that I'm dealing with so much just at the minute. In a way I guess it is a lot, but most of it's trouble my friends are going through, so for me, that has to be dealt with. They're my friends. I would give everything I had to help them and then find more from somewhere.
The things that I have to deal with for *myself* are on hold, except those that are wrapped up in what others are going through. Because I don't think I could deal with them. ~shrug~

I've been being hopeless about lyrics, too. Sunday's lyrics were 'I Quit' by Hepburn, yesterday's lyrics were 'Shelter' by Duran Duran, today's are here, here, and oh, ye gods, here. Oh my.
I've just realised I own that song, as well. Heh. The things you forget.


"there is nothing I'd rather have
than for you to put your hand upon my forehead
just keep it there DON'T TAKE IT AWAY
and tell me that even though you may not like
all the things I do but say that you love my soul
and remember me.
remember me?

hold me close put your arms around my neck
as we drift out I've finished it
into the darkness you're so thin
it's only a movie..."

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