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Grr, and indeed argh.

But seriously...kitten got a bit annoyed and decided to put her annoyances here, with the hope that they might be in future avoided. ~sigh~
And no, not all these things have happened recently, I just got a "grr...argh" overload and so it's all here. Sorry.
We all have our little quirks, non?

1. If I have demonstrably had an appalling day, do not ask me if I'm "ok" - unless you are with me and I am just calming down from an attack of tears/anger/etc, and you mean "Are you more ok this second than you were a minute ago?". Of course I'm not ok - I've had the day from hell, would you be ok?

2. Don't make implausible excuses - for yourself or for someone else. If you're going to lie to me, at least have the decency to work out something I might believe for more than about two seconds, and something that isn't going to fall apart the minute I ask one of your friends or mine.

3. Six ten-minute calls over six days are not an improvement over two half-hour calls on two days. Please remember this, it seems to be very difficult to get people to understand it.

4. With the exception of asrana, if I work up the courage to call any one of you, it is because I really, really need you. If I just wanted to talk to you, I'd send you an e-mail or a text message asking if you had time to call me. If I actually call you, something's very wrong in my world and for some reason I think you're the best person to sort it out. I know it's difficult because you all have lives, but I don't often need someone so much that I call them, so please try to bear it in mind.

5. If you find yourself about to call me because I asked you to or because you said you would rather than because you want to - don't call. If you still feel duty-bound to call, try not to tell me you felt duty-bound to call.

6. Like any tiger cub, if you tease and tease and tease and tease and tease and tease, eventually I'll get fed up and angry. However, the claw-marks will wind up on *my* skin, not yours. So if it looks like I'm getting upset with your teasing, stop. Please.

7. Don't - do not, under any circumstances, ever - offer me a cigarette, an alcoholic drink, or drugs of any other kind. I know a lot of people don't realise this upsets me so I'm saying it now - please just don't do it.

I think that's about it for the minute.

So now you know, and I'm sorry, but not very. ~s~


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