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Just another day...

Well, today could have been awful, and so the fact that it was really good surprised me a lot. And is thanks to aegidian, mainly, so thank you very much. Very much.

And I bought pretty cards, and badges. Badges! One that says 'User' - you know it's true - one that says 'Tie me up' - we all know *that's* true - and one that says 'Would You Like To Dance Or Shall I Go Fuck Myself Again?', which is both brilliant and topical. So, y'know. I bought things, which is always good.

I start work tomorrow. I'm fucking terrified. ~sigh~ I don't think there's anything I can do to be less scared, I think I just have to deal with it as it comes. If it is incredibly bad, there may be pieces that need picking up, & I hope someone'll be able to do it.

So wish me luck my darlings, I really am going to need it. ~s~


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