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Another quiz from asrana. ~hugs~

Name: Emily
Is that your real name? No, my real name's Bertram.
Age: 17.
Location: ~waves~ I'm HERE!

How long have you been reading slash? My fifth year, this year. Whoa. ~ggls~
How long have you been reading [your favourite fandom]? Nearly as long.
What was the first slash fandom you read? Anne Rice's Vampire Chronicles and Highlander tie for the title, since so many of them were written by the same authors.
What other fandoms have you read? ~deep breath~ Harry Potter, The Sentinel, Buffy TVS, innumerable musicians, David Eddings, Terry Pratchett's Discworld, Velvet Goldmine, The Sandman, Brideshead, The X Files, From Eroica With Love (thankyou, Rebecca), Sherlock Holmes, blah blah blah blah...
What was the first [your favourite fandom] story you read? I'm pretty sure it was "Trouble Me" on There.
What are some of your favorite [your favourite fandom] stories? ~ggls~ Oh...in no order at all, "The Horrible Crush" by Alizarine, "Birthday Wishes" by Christie, "Some Like It Hot" by Val, "Viva Las Vegas" by San, "How Bad Do You Want It, Nick?" by...god knows, "Reprise" by Tina & Birm, a snippet by Fuchsia that never got posted, and the unmitigatedly wonderful "Song Seduction" - gets me every time - also by Val. Love you, hon!

Have you ever written [your favourite fandom]? Yes, but it always comes out hopeless.
Have you ever written other slash? HELL yeah.
What's your favorite [your favourite fandom] story of your own? An unposted snippet that involved 15-year-old Nick and 17-year-old John, coca-cola and a *lot* of kissing.

What's your favorite pairing? I'm going to take all this as being my favourite fandom - i.e. Duranfic - therefore, Nick/John. Of course.
What are your other pairings (in order if you have one)? I...can't really cope too terribly well with anything else, atch.
Does any pairing squick you? Simon/John, Nick/Warren, Andy/anyone.
Does anything squick you? Joe and oral sex, and any combination of the two as well. Ick.
Do you "believe"? Actually I think it's one of the more believable pairings in the world of fanfic.
Do you look for "evidence" or "clues" during appearances? Who doesn't?
Do you really think they mean anything? Yes, dammit! ~ggls~
Does your family know you read/write slash? Yep.
What do/would they think? It enables me to meet interesting people (Rebecca) and scare others (Chris). ~ggls~
How about your friends? Yah?
What do/would they think? They think it's great.
What's the best part about this fandom? Warm fuzzy stories with John and Nick and much kissing and stroking of hair.

A tree just came down in the road! Eeek! We're all going to be squashed! Help!


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