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The future's bright. The future's...

...orange. My mobile network and thus the colour I think of when I think of my phone. Phonecalls are good. Bounce.
...blue. From Sunday, which is conveniently when I start work, things are going to be miserable and complicated for a while.
...red. Deep red. Thank god.
...purple. I would like to repaint one, possibly two of the rooms in this house, for which I need my parents' permission and, I suspect, money.
...brown. I have been invited to spend time in both Florida and Australia in the future. It may happen.
...green. I don't want to think about it.
...grey. London is a grey city, and I love it like that.
...black. Whitby!
...white. I will - I *will* - remain pure & sweet & innocent. (Looks like it may take a serious effort of will though...)

Yes, I am very bored, thank you for asking. ~s~
Also, there appears to be a show on TV tonight called "The Campest Men In Britain".
Well, at least now I know what I'll be doing while I'm waiting for some people to call...~baffled laughter~ Scared now.


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