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Actually, there is hope.

I'd sort of worked myself into thinking that I'd lost everything and also lost the possibility of ever finding any of it again, or anything to replace it.
Then I was gently led round a corner and suddenly, oh look! There it all is.
Patience is something I have very little of, but I can do it if I keep occupied and if it looks like it's going to be worth it.

Yeah, these are just random thoughts collected over the past couple of days. My thoughts don't tend to make sense when I'm left alone with them for too long, without having anyone to bounce them off.

But seriously. All that wasn't the *end* of everything, like I thought - it was the *beginning* of everything. There really is a future, there really is hope, I'm really going to be able to keep going and I'm going to be accompanied by some bloody marvellous people.
I'm really very lucky.
Bounce. ~smile~


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