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Fluff. No, really.

Oh, dear, sometimes you just wake up wanting to run outside and hug random strangers. Which would be a bad idea here because most of them would be gun-carrying drunks at this hour. ~s~ So I shall stay inside and hug myself instead.
And *not go into character*, because currently - this is actually slightly scary - I can't. Well, except as myself in other situations, anyway. I've been like this before, so I'm kind of used to it, but it's still interesting and a little bit worrying. You think 'I'll just go into character as X and go dancing with Y', and then you realise 'No, actually I'd rather go into character as me and go dancing with Z'...~shakes head~ Bad me. Anyway.

Today will be spent making tapes. Probably exclusively spent making tapes. And going "oh, right", having put more LJ names to faces and realised I did actually know these people before. For I am slow of study. ~shakes head~

There are some people I really must see more of. Preferably this time when I'm not this close to hysteria...

Lyrics today here. There's also a Bryan Adams song I'd like to use but I won't; I think I'll tape it instead.

~hugs everyone who can be hugged~ Life is complicated, but good. Very, very good.


Just one touch just one look
A dangerous dance
One small word can make me feel
Like running away...

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