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Um, if anyone has any bad news for me, or angst to dump on me, or bitchiness to aim at me, or general bad things to lob in my general direction, do you think you could hold it off for a while?

Because, you know. ~deepsigh~ I seem to have recaptured that most wonderful of types of happiness - the deep contentment that hums quietly in every vein and along every nerve. I haven't felt like this in a very, very long time.
I'd like to hold onto it.
This doesn't seem all that implausible.

When I went shopping today I visited the Trocadero. It's the most extraordinary place, that. It really is like being in America, for all sorts of reasons, not least that once you're past the last shop on the ground floor and heading towards the underground, it's immediately and totally silent. It's very weird. I like it.
I miss America a great deal. I miss Chicago.

But I have tapes to make, and contentment to cherish.
And miles to go before I sleep. ~smile~


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