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It's a compulsion...I think I need professional help...

"Hi, nice to meet you, oh, and by the way, is it ok if I make you a few tapes?"
~looks down at piles of CDs scattered around the room~

Personally I see something very, very important in making tapes for people. (Obviously I'd make CDs if I had the technology but unfortunately I don't, wish I did sometimes.)
I'll make people tapes of songs that remind me of them - that tells them a lot about how I see them, and a little about myself.
I'll make people tapes of songs that mean a lot to me, and that tells them more about me than I ever could, because music is so very important to me.
And I'll make people tapes of songs that everyone should hear. That's just fun. ~g~ But you see what I mean.

I'm not asking anyone to like the songs I give them; just to listen to them and take what they can from the words and the music. Does that even make any sense to anyone else?

And I have *got* to get hold of that cover of 'Sex Dwarf'. Need. Want. Need.
And Crossover's album.
And various other things.
...oh dear, I think I'll be buying music again today...


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