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Well now.

Today, I head off to Ardingly to sing for some woman in the hopes that she'll agree to be my singing teacher for the next year/lifetime. Wish me luck. ~s~

Last night I had bizarre dreams - no unusual occurrence for me, but nevertheless, they alarmed me. ~shakes head~ One day I must meet this guy who seems to take such delight in wandering into my dreams and turning them all into a warped horror film 1950s fair funhouse. ~shudder~

This morning I know that I made the right decision, so cue more tears. ~sigh~ I wish it wasn't all so blasted painful.

This morning apparently I'm her or him. My compter's acting up and won't let me post the pictures. ~s~
Cats! Yay! And there were no two cats in the test that I'd rather have been, either.

And this morning I have more love for some people than I know what to do with, so, blu_dragonfly, asrana, nisaba, meirion, nevla, if you don't want it I'm sure you can find someone to pass it along to. ~smile~


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