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So last night I spoke to blu_dragonfly, who just has the. Most. Gorgeous. Voice. Ever.
Oh, and I was just downloading my mail and wondering why it was taking so long when I remembered that she did some stalking for me! ~bounce~ So I now have more pictures. ~checks pictures~

OhMyGod. Mattie? I love you forever. ~jumps up and down~ It's him! It is him! And he's so pretty! And his hair! And his little smile! And, and, and, and, oh!

Um, I'm a little disjointed today...~breaks off to stare at picture~
Wow. Ohhe'ssopretty. ~faints~

Oh yeah, and I meant to post this last night and then didn't. And it's not finished, but hey, it has to go somewhere.
That little bit of danger makes you
Interesting, little orphan,
Tiny thread of black cotton in your pure white handkerchief,
And you're acquainted with Lucifer,
Must have been quite a meeting,
When he seduced you with a flick of his wrist
And put himself inside your dreams.
Is everybody hiding scars?
My devastating Sydney queen,
I hate to think what could have been
So bad it made you bleed...

And I love blu_dragonfly, pringle and darkpooka very, very much right now.

And, oh. ~stares at picture~ ~shakes head~ God, you lucky Cambridge bastards.
...~faints again~


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