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~helpless giggles~ I love my characters!

So the two of them are sitting on the sofa, just having a quiet night in and cuddling a lot. And suddenly one turns to the other and says, "Just how bisexual are you feeling tonight?"


Oh, and. I. Um. ~looks around~ ~bites lip~
...never mind.

And the tape I made for asrana today rocks like a big electronic rock thing. It's *wonderful*. Yes. Go me. ~grin~

And one of my favourite owners-of-Whitby-galleries has put up his April '02 pictures while I wasn't looking. So I'm now looking. ~smile, bounce, etc~
Later : Alas, no Steve. ~melodramatic sigh~ He's so elusive! I mean, I've only got, what, 25 pictures of him...~giggles~

I *think* I may have had too much coke this evening....

Oh, there are people I so very much pray don't read my LJ. ~kittenpraying~


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