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Relief, for various reasons.

Got my A level results today...somehow managed to get an A in English, an A in French and a D in Latin - I don't know quite how that happened, but the main thing, the really important thing, is that my parents are happy with it.
Thank god.
Oh, and my Dad owes me 300 quid, as well, which can't be bad.

And his friend, with whom he had a bet that I'd fail my A levels, only owes him 50 quid. Hah!

Got another rehearsal this morning, but it should be a good one, and I feel pretty ok generally, despite having had very little sleep due to worrying I'd upset someone I would really *really* rather not upset, which it turns out I haven't, so, thank goodness for that. ~smiles~

Also, things in my mind seem to be settling down into a sort of "Well, maybe if you're just patient, everything will sort itself out" mindset, which is a very good thing, I think.

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