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Bored now.

I am not: stalking any of the three people I was stalking, because it is impossible to find photographs of them.
I hurt: more than I let on, which is really saying something. ~s~
I hate: being so far away from those I love.
I fear: spiders, jhg, sudden death.
I hope: things aren't really going to be as bad as this forever.
I crave: ~blush~ Never mind.
I regret: so many things. Currently, believing things I was told. Which is odd, because I know they were true, but this would still be a lot easier if I'd gone on not believing them.
I cry: when anything reminds me of giolla. That'll be most of the time, then.
I care: more about some certain people on my friends list than I think they realise, and in some cases more than I should.
I long: to be where I belong, but so much for that idea.
I feel alone: most of the time.
I listen: to *everything* *everyone* says, and have a scary tendency to remember it all, too.
I hide: all the time. Seriously.
I drive: my parents up the wall, but then they drive me round the bend. (And occasionally to the train station, when they're feeling helpful.)
I sing: often and pretty well. ~s~
I dance: alone.
I write: less than I'd like to.
I breathe: because otherwise I'd die and my face would be purple, which though it's a good colour really wouldn't go with my hair.
I play: at being matchmaker, but only with my characters.
I miss: giolla.
I search: for random lyrics on Google. Frequently.
I learn: more ways in which I can hurt, every day.
I feel: sure that if I spent time talking to a certain person, we'd get on absurdly well...
I know: my parents too well.
I say: things which I mean absolutely.
I succeed: rarely.
I fail: often. (Watch the results tomorrow! Heh.)
I dream: either horrors that leave me shaking when I wake, or beautiful things that leave me crying when I have to give them up to the day.
I wonder: "what...he's doing now..."
I want: ...well there's this housemate of a friend of mine, see...(it's probably a good thing nobody'll be reading this, right? Right.)
I worry: constantly that I'm annoying people.
I have: too much time on my hands right now.
I give: love, and it's generally thrown back in my face. But not always.


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