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Yes, it's...

I know, I know, but I'm bored and have nothing better to do, and anyway, you don't have to read it. ~s~

1. name = Emily
2. birthday = 19/06/84
3. piercing(s) = Just my ears, once, and, y'know, nothing else, ever, ever. (Unless my luck turns right round again, obviously.)
4. tattoo(s) = None yet.
5. height = 6'
6. shoe size = God only knows.
7. hair color = Dark blonde.
8. length = Fairly long.
9. siblings = Two half-brothers I never see.
10. pets = Apart from my characters? None.

11. movie you rented = I never ever rent movies, which means it was probably Highlander when I was like 12 or something...
12. movie you bought = I have no idea.
13. song you listened to = 'Little Earthquakes (live)', Tori Amos.
13. song that was stuck in your head = 'I've Never Met A Nice South African', Spitting Image. Seriously. I woke up with it in my head.
14. song you've downloaded = I don't.
15. cd you bought = 'This Is Not The 80s' -Various. I think.
16. cd you listened to = 'To Venus And Back - Live, Still Orbiting', Tori Amos.
17. person you've called = aegidian
18. person that's called you = giolla
19. tv show you've watched = Smallville on video.
20. person you were thinking of = nevla.

21. you have a crush on someone? Oh, yes, definitely...he's not on LJ though. Thank god. Oh, and nor is he. Or him. But that one is. ~g~
22. you wish you could live somewhere else = Cambridge...~sigh~
23. you think about suicide = Yes.
24. you believe in online dating = It's never worked massively well for me, I have to say.
25. others find you attractive = Apparently a couple of people do. ~shrug~
26. you want more piercings = It's a long story.
27. you want more tattoos = I would very much like one, if I had a reason to get it.
28. you drink = Alcohol? No...it's such fun to watch everyone else get plastered...
29. you do drugs = No, and have no wish to.
30. smoke = No, but unless it's overpowering, I'm quite fond of cigarette smoke. And nisaba's cigarettes are just gorgeous. ~s~
31. you like cleaning = Only if I'm quite alone in the house.
32. you like roller coasters = Oh, god yes. I love them more than I can say.
33. you write in cursive or print = Illegible cursive.
34. you carry a donor card = No.

for or against
35. long distance relationships = ~shrug~ For the right people it works. How far is long distance anyway? ~shrug~
36. using someone = I can't sit here and say I'm against it, since I've done it a few times.
37. suicide = Well, how can you be for or against suicide? ~shakes head~ Bizarre.
38. killing people = I could easily do it.
39. teenage smoking = Against, but hey.
40. doing drugs = In theory I'm against it, but a lot of people I respect do drugs of various kinds, so...~shrug~
41. premarital sex = For. Although not for me, obviously. ~s~
42. driving drunk = How can you be for something that dangerous?
43. gay/lesbian relationships = Bring it on...
44. soap operas = ~s~ I quite like them.

45. food = ~shrug~ Most things my mum & nan cook.
46. songs = Far too many to name.
47. thing to do = Music, writing, music, LJ, music, reading, writing, music, music, LJ, music.
48. thing to talk about = Pretty men. Seriously. And music, obviously.
49. sports = Netball & table tennis.
50. drinks = Coke! ~shakes head~ And I read chiriko's answer and I. Have. No. Life. No life. I swear. My god. ~shakes head~
51. clothes = ~shrug~ Black.
52. movies = Eh...usual lot. VG, Hedwig, Labyrinth, &c.
53. band = Duran Duran & Erasure. Among others.
54. holiday = Hallowe'en.
55. cars = Jaguars and a particular style of Toyota, the name of which I haven't found out yet.

have you...
56. ever cried over a girl = Yes.
57. ever cried over a boy = Oh, yes.
58. ever lied to someone = Yes.
59. ever been in a fist fight = ~sigh~ Never, though I hope the day will come.
60. ever been arrested = No.

61. shampoo do you use = Nicky Clarke.
62. perfume do you use = I tend not to.
63. shoes do you wear = Sandals when I'm by myself, my black suede shoes when I'm with anyone else.
64. are you scared of = Lots and lots of things.

65. of times I have been in love? = One. Tom. Two. Jamie. Three. Rachel. Four. Gemma. Five. Dominic. Six. Laura. Seven. Hannah. Eight. Paul. Nine. Giolla. ...ten? Eleven? We'll see.
66. of times I have had my heart broken? = Hundreds, by six or seven people.
67. of hearts I have broken? = Only one I know of.
68. of boys I have kissed? = "Boys", heh. Assuming it means 'members of the opposite sex', one. But three have kissed me.
69. of girls I have kissed? = Four.
70. of men I've slept with? = None. Obviously.
71. of girls I've slept with? = Also none, also obviously.
72. of continents I have lived in? = One.
73. of drugs taken illegally? = None.
74. of people I would classify as true, could trust with my life type friends? = I trust everyone far too much.
75. of people I consider my enemies? = ~shrug~ Three?
76. of people from high school that I stayed in contact with? = Give me time.
77. of cd's that I own? = About 200, apparently.
78. of times my name has appeared in the newspaper? = At least three.
79. of scars on my body? = More than I can count.
80. of things in my past that I regret? = Also more than I can count.


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