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Why no, I don't have a life, thank you for asking. ~s~

Spent a rather nice evening reading David Eddings (yet again) and then watching University Challenge and being able to answer an unusually high number of the questions. Go me. ~s~

Very possibly it makes me quite a sad individual to have been sitting in watching University Challenge with my parents, but there's not a lot else to do round here and it made me smile a little...it's only a Monday night after all...~s~

fluffymark, you know that person we've mentioned whom you keep bumping into and who is very much remaining nameless?
How tall is he, roughly?
Just curious. ~halo~

~sigh~ I miss kitty_goth.
Now where did that come from? ~shakes head at self~

Well, anyway. Playing Angband and listening to Tori Amos, which proves I have no life, I think. ~s~

Actually I miss a lot of people, a fair few of them people I've only met the once. But I'm strange like that. And they're people I feel a great deal for.
And knowing one of them professes to be thinking of me is really very touching. I hope I see him again soon. ~sigh~

Oh, and. Dancers. It intrigues and amuses me that someone I actively dislike can nevertheless catch and hold my attention by being a fantastic dancer. The thing I have about music just gets silly sometimes.
Really was a good dancer, though. Thank god it's the only attractive thing about them. ~shudder~
There are some people who I really, *really* want to see dance...



Later : Ooh! I found a picture of one of the most elusive stalk-objects! ~bounce~
So it's not a good picture, so what? It's a picture! Of him. ...in a PVC coat.

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