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While going through some of my best friend's things around a year ago, two years after she died, to recover Christmas cards I'd sent her & things, we discovered a video made for her by the people at school, while she was in hospital. I've just watched it...it's odd the things, the people you forget until something reminds you. It was fun to watch, though - especially Mill, the girl who made it, who was always absolutely hilarious (and looked exactly like the very lucky girlfriend of the very lovely guy I met on Tuesday) and who I miss a great deal. I don't know quite how we ended up not talking, but I wish I could go back and change things...I could do with someone to make me laugh like that these days. ~s~

On the other hand I could always just kick around LJ and be entertained. I've got to say a proper thank you again this morning - olithered and fluffymark for writing, and valkyriekaren, wechsler & nevla for (mostly inadvertantly) cheering me up a lot today. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
I love you all. ~blows kisses~


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