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Quick note before I have to go and have my eyes tested...


~dramatic voice~ First, there was Kid Creole and the Coconuts. Then, there was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone. Now....there's....

Or, to put it another way :

First, there was The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Then, there was Velvet Goldmine. Now....there's...

"Hedwig and the Angry Inch"???

Now, if you know what I'm talking about, then you're either a) luckier than me and in Edinburgh or b) in America, in which case eternal shame and damnation on you for not making this show - and film - the biggest thing since the RHPS.

Not that I've seen it. Oh, no. Because, true to form, I've missed it - as I did with The Glodmine and so many things before it. But on the news, they've just run a story on it, because it's on at the moment at the Edinburgh Festival and people are coming to watch it dressed up as the characters - just as they do with the RHS - and because it's completely mad and the BBC thought it's be fun to try and make a stolid old news reporter talk about a singing drag queen.

Apparently, the film's just coming out. Hands up who thinks it'll show at the Duke Of York in Brighton? ~puts hand up~ See, if it shows at the DOY, it kinda means it's DOA everywhere else. "Not exactly mainstream". Whatever.

I want to see it. If it does show at the DOY, I either have to talk my parents into driving me there and dropping me off, or I have to *watch* it with them. God, the horror.

Please, England - Britain - LISTEN to me, you bastards - please help make this the new RHS. I'll probably end up posting links to fansites and stuff just so everyone can see how cool it is.


(Oh, and just for the record - number of times I've become obsessed with a show I've never seen : eight, and that's just counted off the top of my head.)

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