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So, Cambridge, then?

Spent much of the time generally adoring valkyriekaren and wechsler, and wishing I could do something to make wechsler feel less on-verge-of-collapse. Was hugged a lot. This is good. ~smile~

And then there was ...

So, get picked up in an extreme rush by valkyriekaren (looking possibly more beautiful than I've ever seen a lady look, but I had no time to stand and stare) and thrown in the back of zotz's car with mrph and Raven. Once there managed to meet ghoti, who I wound up chatting to and hugging and watching dance fairly often, which was good. ~smile, bounce~
Wandered in, sat down, hit my head on traffic lights (yes...really), met surje, meirion (at last!) & after that I sort of lost track and just watched people...

But I was silly enough to watch the dancefloor. It wasn't my fault, guv, honest - I only went to watch ghoti...it was just that...other people ended up dancing as well...and...well.
I was doing ok, I was just admiring someone who looked...just. Beautiful. ~shakes head~ Wow. But, you know, I was just watching in an aesthetic-admiration kind of way. And he wandered off the dancefloor and valkyriekaren wandered onto it, and I stood watching her because she's magic.
And then this song came on and I thought, 'I know this, it's on one of the CDs ciphergoth made me', and then I didn't have time to think anything else because someone else came spinning onto the dancefloor and I couldn't. Look. Away.
Until I saw my muse.

Yes, I found my muse! He's been living in Cambridge the whole time! ~grin~ Seriously though, there's been a certain image in my head for years and years now and suddenly I was just watching it, it was right there. And, just. Wow. I really, really want a chance to watch him again and pay more attention.

And I didn't hear a single song I didn't like, despite my not knowing more than six of the songs played. So, bounce! I may have to go back...

Was lovely to see wechsler, valkyriekaren, wildeabandon & John, eviltwinemma, darkgoblin, feanelwa, alixandrea, nisaba, zotz, Raven, grahamb, & anyone I've forgotten...
Was lovely to meet ghoti, meirion, surje, mrph, someone called Dan who I don't believe has a journal, and no doubt other people who I've forgotten because I'm hopeless and there was so much to see. ~smile~
And very sorry not to see olithered, aiwendel & nevla. Next time, I hope.

Right, I've talked enough now. ~smile~ But I had a really good time, and thank you valkyriekaren & wechsler for being wonderful. ~blows kisses~


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