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So, Cambridge.

Well, was met by wildeabandon at the station half way through Friday. I'd picked up a stress migraine on the way and so we decided that just staying at hers for a bit would be the best thing to do. Sat on sofa and stared at her for much of the time. ~smile~ Well, y'know.
Headed into town in the evening, coming to rest eventually at the KSR where we waited for people.
I believe the first to arrive were valkyriekaren and wechsler, but after that it becomes something of a blur. I know I was introduced to many people, among them nisaba, nevla, olithered, zotz, feanelwa, grahamb, alixandrea, and eviltwinemma - plus some people who ~gasp~ weren't on LJ. It was an extremely good evening, and I can't even begin to find words for how gorgeous everyone was. (Trust me, I've looked in a thesaurus and come up blank.)
I think my heart stopped a few times, anyway.
Saturday was spent with valkyriekaren watching 'The Princess Bride' and suchlike at wechsler's, before heading off to watch alixandrea's band, who were excellent, and at whose gig I met aiwendel and, briefly, darkgoblin.
Sunday it was far too blasted hot, so wandering around town led to exhausted collapsing at wechsler's again. And my *god* I earned my halo on Sunday. ~sigh~
Wound up staying there because suddenly it was nine at night and I couldn't face being that late back in London, so left yesterday morning. And here I am at home today.

There were three people who were more attractive than they were legally allowed to be, and I'm really not happy about that. ~s~
I didn't conveniently trip anyone up, because - I just love this - I didn't need to.
I'll probably write more at some point - 'm very tired - but it was a good weekend, very. meirion, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you, and wildeabandon, I'm sorry I didn't get to see you more. ~hugs~
Thank you wechsler and valkyriekaren for putting me up and putting up with me, and to everyone who made me smile this weekend.



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