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Tee hee.

Amazon.co.uk is so much fun. I could spend hours there.
See, I tried the other day to make a list of all the albums I still wanted. (Yes. Well, precisely.) And I thought I'd wander over to Amazon now - since I have a spare hour - and type in the first of these and just jump from recommendation to recommendation and see how much I came up with. For an hour. No, you don't have to read it - I'm just very *very* bored. Witness :
Hits by Tony Hadley
All That You Can't Leave Behind by U2 (How do you get from Hadley to U2??? Oh well.)
Reveal by REM
Exciter by Depeche Mode
Secrets by The Human League
Pure by Gary Numan
The Garden by John Foxx
Ultravox! by Ultravox! (back when they had an exclamation mark)
Move Me by Midge Ure
Damned Don't Cry by Visage
The Very Best Of Classix Nouveaux by Classix Nouveaux
Can't Stand The Rezillos by The Rezillos
Retrospectacle by Thomas Dolby ("Customers who bought music by Thomas Dolby also bought music by Eva Cassidy". Eh???)
Exorcising Ghosts by Japan
Outland by Gary Numan
Reproduction by The Human League
Some Great Reward by Depeche Mode
The Best Of by New Order (Of all the groups you'd expect to come up with a snappy title...)
Beautifulgarbage by Garbage
Showbiz by Muse (I just like the title...)
JJ72 by JJ72
Black Market Music by Placebo
Fine Lines by My Vitriol (you'd want it too if you'd seen the singer)
Vibrate You by King Adora (please. PLEASE. please. I *love* this band)
The Holy Bible - or indeed Everything Must Go - by The Manic Street Preachers
Love Is Here by Starsailor
Get Ready by New Order
Electronic by Electronic
Melting Pot by The Charlatans
Like You Do by The Lightning Seeds (one of the world's most underrated bands)
Diva by Annie Lennox
Schizophonic by Geri Halliwell
Baby One More Time or indeed Oops I Did It Again by Britney Spears
Northern Star by Melanie C
Music by Madonna
Light Years by Kylie Minogue
Changing Faces by Louise
Transmission by Gay Dad (No, I didn't exactly get there straight from Louise...)
A Secret History by The Divine Comedy
Rufus Wainwright by Rufus Wainwright
Head Music by Suede
The Best Of by Blur
Attack Of The Grey Lantern by Mansun
10,000Hz Legend by Air
Play by Moby
Celebrity by 'NSync (yes, I cheated there, too)
I must say it's seriously gratifying to learn that there simply *is* no CD of Duran's on amazon that I don't own; still, I wish there was a B-sides collection.

Well....that took up some time...~yawns~ I wish I could *sleep*, I'm so tired and feel so ill but I can't sleep 'cause I'm so stuffed up. Gah.


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