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Two months and the world is ending.

Everyone in the year below was clustered in the dining room weeping and wailing over someone they're ~gasp~ not going to see until September...
I don't think I was ever like that, even at my old school where I had friends. ~s~

They've last-minute-rescheduled sports day as well, the bastards. Thank god I don't have to be involved.

It is going to be a day full of tears and leavers' books and "I know we haven't spoken much over the last five years but I'll really miss you". ~shakes head~ We'll do it all today, and then we won't have anything left for tomorrow, and by Saturday it will all seem unreal.

I know that, because it's what happened when I left my last school. Someone, I can't remember who, was leaving on the Wednesday instead of the Friday, so the whole year congregated at the adventure playground (yes, really) and cried and hugged one another and clung together and cried more.
The Thursday evening we had a Leavers' Dance. It was one of the most painful dances I've ever been to (which is saying something), but that's another story. Most people just treated it like an ordinary school dance.
Then on the Friday, suddenly we weren't there any more.

I miss my old school desperately. I wonder if one day I shall miss this one, despite the legion bad memories.
It seems unlikely, but you never know.


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