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And there was evening, and there was morning.

And I'm going home! And trying the finished dress - well it's really a skirt and bodice, but y'know - this afternoon sometime. Yay!
And, oh. This ball is going to be fun. Yes.

And I'm not weird. Well, I am weird, obviously, but not in a bad way, because if I were that weird, I wouldn't be so predictable. ~s~

Sometimes you wish and wish and wishandwishandwish for someone to speak to you. And suddenly, they do! And you're left grinning for ages, and bouncing.
And sometimes you want to meet someone but you want to meet them, say, two years ago. ~s~
Different someones though.

Posters have been going up about the ball for a few days now. If it weren't for giolla and the fact that the house staff really like me, it would be shaping up to be even more boring than the after-show parties I go to with my parents...

Oh, and one of the Twins smashed a full champagne glass on my back last night. ~shakes head~ He didn't mean to. But, ouch. Characters, oy.

~blows kisses~


I am a kitten. Three people have scritched me this morning. I like. ~smile~

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