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Oh, dear.

There's too much Italian on my Friends list - I can't concentrate.
Which is almost as annoying as being unable to walk past a Bureau De Change without doing a double take. ~sigh~

And there are far too many people I shouldn't find interesting (I mean, honestly) but do.
And it's *not* just because they're attractive, although that doesn't hurt of course. ~s~
And then there are some people I find terribly attractive (I didn't want or mean to, though) but permanently uninteresting. I'm strange.

And some people are way too good. ~shakes head~ (How did you know?)

Our English paper consisted of several extracts in some way concerning childhood. I wound up comparing an Angela Carter rewriting of a fairytale with some 'Lop-ear and Mr. Flufflebottom Go To The Shops And Don't Talk To Any Strangers Because They're Very Very Good' kind of book.
These days the Angela Carter piece would be deemed "inappropriate" for children. And yet it's just a rewriting of a story that's been around for a few hundred years and will endure far longer than Mr. Flufflebottom and Grandma Snuffles.
Sometimes I can't believe the nonsense we feed to our children. There are fairies at the bottom of the garden who do good deeds, and if they do happen to carry you off, you'll come back just the same and no time will have passed and your parents won't have noticed?
Of course.


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