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This meme I had to do...

Sort of. Everybody does word association differently. And I do everything oddly. ~g~
And I keep adding stuff. Which isn't how you're supposed to do it at all...
And I've left out anything incriminating, I think. Of myself or anyone else...

adjectivemarcus - rabbits and Eddie Izzard
aegidian - glasses and asrana
ajva - singing and, well, red
alisalohv - Duran and Hobbits
amitriptyline - Billy Corgan and art
asrana - cuddles and John Taylor
babysimon - orange trousers and flashing lights
blu_dragonfly - comfort and chinese silks
chiriko - fanfic and, er, green
ciphergoth - hair. I can never get past the hair.
coracaskia - fluffy and white
countess_sophia - sharp wit and fabulous clothes. And Marilyn.
darkpooka - music and dancing in the rain
djm4 - geeking and Monty Python
elfgeek - Star Wars and, well, elves
ergotia - goth and pretty eye makeup and Lili
fluffymark - music and glitter
giolla - knives and makeup and trains
gothslut - fragility and sincerity
jadedsirius - motorcycles and Remus
katyha - writing and kittens
kboyd - Whitby and general gorgeousness
kitty_goth - Apoptygma Berzerk and angel wings
ladyxanax13 - Nick and John
lizw - help and kindness
meirion - unhappy and lovely
missflobunny - sweet and fluffy
mmmdraco - deep and brilliant
moomintroll - Whitby and Manchester and pretty pretty pretty
neotokyo - Electric Dreams and Boy George
nevla - guitars and Wechsler
phlebjorn - friendship and The Who
pianissimo - waterfalls and glitter
pure_mourning - black and Brian Molko
purplerabbits - Down-to-earth and music. And purple, and rabbits.
reggie_mbq - shelter and writing
ruis - kindness, tolerance, cats, strength
shekhmet - cats, thunder, Cambridge
shinysparkly - NICK! and Viggo and laughter
simondraycott - Katy and Camden Market
sweetprince - cutting and poetry
taygasm - Taylor and support
thechaosdiva - sweetness and cuddles
trishpiglet - blonde, gorgeous, writing, surprising, insightful
truffleg - Lex and laughter
wechsler - cats, Karen and unexpected kindness and pretty photographs and Twins


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